Wednesday, 13 August 2014

My Dream

I have a dream that one day we have a fair tax system that treats everyone equally and respects and conserves all natural resources.

I have a dream everyone is entitled to a citizens wage for life.

I have a dream that everyone is equal and respect each other.

I have a dream that all land is used with respect, sustainably, and with all the eco, micro, and biological aspects are maintained and enhanced.

I have a dream that nature is given as much as man takes from the planet.

I have a dream , that everyone equally pays for the damage they do to the planet through all they use and consume.

I have a dream that wealth is redistributed and not inherited.

I have a dream the extreme disadvantaged would be  looked after to help themselves.

I have dream that man is capable of making this happen.

I have a Dream this can happen.

I have a dream this must happen.

I have a dream................................

My dream in reality is to replace all taxes with a single Natural Resource Tax, based on the damage caused to the planets bio-systems by the use of all natural resources. This collected as near to source as possible to avoid fraud evasion and avoidance of paying the taxes. This tax together with a redistribution death tax and a citizens wage would transform the whole of society , empowering all individuals to make the right decisions based on their power to consume the goods and services that their wages can buy also it empowers them to be healthy as they would also have to pay for welfare and benefits from the citizen wage

My dream is that all citizens of the world adopt such a system and this would then transform the way we all think and behave towards natural resource use and our understanding of nature within life's cycle.

I dream ...

David Dunn

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Response to the unsung inventor of Carbon Tax David G Wilson

Hello I am David Dunn from Colchester in England and been a glasshouse grower for several years until 1980 when I sold the 10 acre glasshouse complex as a going concern growing hydroponic style strawberries with full computer control over the climate control C02, temperature, humidity and light levels. We incorporated integrated pest control grew the crop as organically as possible within the scope possible at the time. I supplied all the major supermarkets in the UK .

To keep this brief since selling the business I have , as a hobby been looking into how to help the planet against global warming and as I have been involved in how to manipulate the glasshouse environment and being a business man and entrepreneur thought this would be a good hobby to start from as I have always taken a keen interest with global politics and world peace, and my father has written several books on the subject.

Firstly I ventured into the subject from a technical point of view , and naively thought it was possible to have a technical fix , which is still true that a many technical fixes need to be achieved if we are to have any real advancement on climate change, However it soon became apparent like you have found . it has to be an economical solution as people in the end respond to financial incentives , and I found this out by rewarding all my workers on a bonus and piece work system of payment , which both reduced the work force needed and also productivity went up several hundred percent! Even the banks now do this to every ones disgust , but it works. This made me realise that any change has to come from each individual , as it is them who spend money and cause the damage we all accept is happening through fossil fuels and other GHG's.

Secondly I have been involved in growing crops in as environmental and organic way as possible despite no extra rewards for doing so, but I have always felt I had to try to walk as gently on the planet as possible and leave it as undisturbed ass possible. So I have always taken a strong interest in the way the eco and bio systems work on the planet and how mankind is upsetting the balance and possibly making agriculture vulnerable and non sustainable in the long term but critically it may be this change that is having also a big effect on the carbon bank within the soil which both has an effect on the climate but also reduces the productivity of the soil as bank of nutrition for plants.

Thirdly , I began to realise what energy was, it was not just a cheap form of labour , although it is via electricity and all the motors that are driven by it and auto-mobiles etc. , It is to me the source of all of man endeavours and linked with all the other FREE at source Natural Resources, make up everything we all take for granted every day, Food, shelter . transport. health , education and everything else we all use and consume. Money is in effect potential energy and when it is spent , energy is used in all its forms , but the base fossil fuels is far the greatest are released into all the goods and services we all consume ,

MONEY= Energy + Pollution, Your salary or profit = Your Carbon footprint

It probably not actually completely correct , but is near enough without being a scientist.

So Finally I believe in scrapping all existing taxes to avoid tax evasion,collection costs,fraud and avoidance and replace in with a single NATURAL RESOURCE TAX, collected as near to source as possible on all natural resources based on the damage there use does to the planet and environment.

This linked with a death tax as proposed by Warren Buffet and Bill Gates Senior , and a Citizens Wage , would I believe set the world into a totally new direction , whilst retaining a competitive Capitalist and more Democratic society that is more open , transparent and morally and ethically acceptable to all mankind and the natural world.

The result would be a revolution in all aspects of business, from design, manufacture, supply and consumption through to recycling and looking after the environment.

Let the consumer decide what to spend money on , based on the real costs of damage to the environment of all the goods and devices they consume. Their should be no preferential treatments for individuals or businesses.

I think I have the view point of an holistic outsider and not one with narrow and constricted views that many have from their specialized training and work. That is why I believe it is not any one individual who has the right to decide, but all of us on a day to day basis, through our buying habits and decision making based on the the damage many of the items we use do indirectly to the planet.

A carbon tax as you suggest and being forwarded by James Hansen is a good start, but there must be a sequence of events that leads to a more full understanding of the planets resources, from land use, through to air and water and all the natural resources that god has bestowed upon the planet for the benefit of the natural world and mankind.

I know know I am not alone in being left out of any discussions in this field, but it seems that mankind does not change much , in that he is greedy and want self recognition and the few outsiders are always bypassed as we upset the cart to often , so the powerful cannot always get their way.

My Dream is for some universities to model tax and fiscal systems based on protection of the planet rather than protect of man's greed to consume ever more and for man to action it.

dream on

dream on

One Day.................... If its not to late?

David Dunn

Sunday, 10 August 2014

The forgotten people of this world today, What are the leaders of the world doing? Very Little.

The Forgotten People of this World

I hear on the radio of the plight of normal families just like you and me with children from Syria, Ukraine, Libya, Gaza and now Iraq, in dire need of help and protection by fellow mankind against the pure inhumane actions of so called civilized allies  or  terrorists from religions or radicals of politics.

Is it not about time we all woke up and realise that everyone is entitled to a minimum standard of living,  a shelter, warmth, friendship and love.

It surely is governments responsibility to provide the environment that these aspects of society can flourish and expand , whist it is the individuals responsibility  as part of society to respect and  help make this happen. within a framework mutually agreed by all participants.

It is governments who are responsible to ensure they listen and adopt policies of the majority whilst at the same time not ignoring and overriding the hopes and dreams of the minorities, their wishes must also be listened to and acted upon.

Discontent breeds more discontent, and it is this that must be caught before it breeds further trouble later, and indeed waiting until a riot has started is far to late.

I call on all churches and governments to really listen and take early action to provide the necessities of life to all, this may well mean  taking more from the richer in society and also reallocation of resources from all, to ensure everyone has a minimum of security without fear, as it is this fear of eviction or loss of work that makes for real insecurity and creates the terrorists of the future.

I may be naive  to think the impossible about the worlds future, but we do need to think the impossible to make the world a better place for all of mankind to live in.

We have the tools of listening now, with internet , mobile phones and social and news media, what is required is real dialogue and action to match, of land security, allocation of resources, housing, food and education.
We don't want more of the same spending on arms, and siding with resource rich nations to rip them off, as has happened with the slave trade which still continues and fossil energy to maintain an unsustainable future.

The UN, Institutions and Governments around the world have to move up a gear and get real. having nice Toyota's to drive in or flash offices in New York . does nothing for the poor and deprived in the world unless they take action that works and not just talking shops.

We have to make Governments accountable  by embarrassing them into action, like we see in the climate debate in the US.

The public has the power to make it happen , lets awaken our leaders to the new future. lets talk, walk the walk and live life.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Citizens wage, Only part of a bigger picture

 Citizen's wage 

I am very interested on all citizens receiving a wage from the state for life, to cover all aspects of health ,welfare, pensions, and benefits. 

This has been tried in few places around the globe with success but failed when national politics thought they new better and wanted short term gains rather than long term success. as we saw in Canada for example.http:,

I believe it should form a part of a much larger reform , that of replacing all taxes with a single Natural Resource Tax, collected at as near to source as possible, based on the damage to the environment caused by there use.

Both of these are attractive due to there simplicity and reductions in fraud, evasion and avoidance inherent in the existing systems, also there are more transparent, and are more morally and ethically based, as it is the individual who takes their own responsibility upon themselves.

The state should be the enabler , not the doer. At present states do far to much and the people resign themselves to being told what to do, and given what they are told they can have. If we are to have a fairer society with more equality, we must fundamentally change the way the state has control over us , but at the same time enable the state to set the basic ground rules that we all must live by, that is surely a mark of a sustainable civilization. Nothing is ever set in stone  as we have seen in history, but the fundamental state of fear from the State must end, and enable all citizens with a charter of self responsibility for themselves, family and society of the state.

With books like the 'state of fear' and This Changes Everything: Capitalism v's The Climate' , is it not time to realise the fundamental change has to be economic at the institutional levels , being mainly taxation and monetary reform, with Taxation being the most important in terms of actually achieving real reductions in environmental, ecological. and biological destruction and pollution.

I Have come to the realization that money is potential energy  and when it is spent it releases the potential energy in all forms from fossil to nuclear and even our own brain power. So it is vitally important to link directly money with this energy as it is creating the environment we all live in but also this very act releases vast amounts of pollutants  of greenhouse gases and sulphurs that are destroying our planet.  

I hope this helps  to put the whole into perspective a little as I believe we have to implement the whole to get the benefits out.  

Friday, 8 August 2014

Standing Up for Nature

Standing Up for Nature

The idea of standing up for nature by doing the same things as we have done over the past 100 years or more , will do little other than keep everyone's  conscious  clear and think they have really achieved an answer to the problems of climate change and environmental suicide.

Technological fixes we see at present being implemented, without a real concern to the damage they cause to the planet, by their production and use, amazes me, when we all should know better.

WE are all hung up on a fix that can be implemented without any real downside effects on our lifestyles. Most accept there is no gain without pain , but that is exactly what we are doing, and with no pain the planet is only getting into a worse state.

The pain should be borne by us all equally based on the damage we all actually do by using the money we all earn and spend. Fundamentally Money= potential energy, and when it is spent it releases that energy into the making of more goods and services, with the resulting release of CO2 and damage to eco and bio systems upon the planet.

It is only the direct linkage between money supply , value and natural resources, That will make the fast and dramatic changes that are required to reverse the climatic and environmental problems affecting the planet.

This can be solved , but with pain , and pain by the rich far more than the poor, as it is the rich that are causing the main problems.e with a single Natural Resource Tax based on the damage their use does directly on the planet.

This has the advantages that the individual has the responsibility of the direct damage they cause the environment through their spending habits.

The more we spend the more damage we do to the planet, but if the rich want to have fast cars , then they will have to pay exorbitantly for the privilege of killing the planet and the cost of cleaning it up again.

I believe only fundamental tax reform will effect the necessary change quickly enough , and as it only seems to be getting worse rather than better , we have not much time left..


At this time of wars around the world , governments spend a lot less on environmental issue , By implementing this new tax system the planet remains first all the time , and we are sure to get to the final goal of environmental harmony so much quicker.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Die Or Talk

As the Europe implements sanctions against Russia today with The US , It must not be forgotten that it is talking and dialogue that will be the answer nor economic wars.

All parties must be involved in the discussions , not just powerful outsiders, to discus and hammer out real plans for the future and with determination that fighting should not be entertained.

Brokerage of any ceasefire must be between all warring parties however difficult it may be and any violations should be brought to account via the UN and dealt with by an international UN force.

Bringing people and government to their knees by force , either economic or military, will achieve  high costs to all parties concerned. and result in long term continuing of hatred and bitterness which results in continued tensions and uprisings for years to come .

Have we not learnt these lessons from all the past wars and troubles around the world?

New weaponry which is becoming ever more remote from the players should be banned , and should be seen as evil as any atomic bomb, , if there must be wars let it be face to face , eye to eye, mouth to mouth , but never distance attacks which no-one sees who it is they are killing .

Dialogue Please.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Tale of two futures

Tale of two futures

Russia and Israel hold the future in their hands to preventing climate change is an idea that is a real possibility if it is not scaled down quickly.

The vast amount of energy and resources that are consumed by chasing what is a relative small skirmish is resulting into all the worlds leaders spending a disproportionate amount of time and effort on these two  out breaks of violence and which could potential explode into a much larger conflagration.

It appears that we are intent to impose death and destruction on many thousands civilians  over the issues of power grabbing, pride prejudice, and sovereignty.These are indeed important to maintain a stable society, but to go to such extreme lengths is morally and ethically obscene, especially when most fighting is done from behind computer and radar screens and not eyeball to eyeball and all churches would do well to condemn the actions from all sides from a humanitarian aspect if nothing else.

All peoples around the world are entitled a share of the planet on an equal basis , and everyone should be able to have equal opportunity to have some share in its rich resources the planet has to offer. This surely means that inherited and passed on wealth should be curtailed to ensure the rich do not have a disproportionately unfair advantage over anyone else in society.
We do have laws that govern some aspects of human activity, ensuring an even hand is given to all, but when it comes to wealth, few controls are entered into.

Wild animals fight over the resources they have, but we have intellect, which should pave a way forward of a harmonious society that is free from fighting and a society that is fairer and more equal should be found

WE are at the cusp of a pivotal point in mankind history, On the one hand we have to make a critical choice about the planet and global warming with all the subsequent scenarios that could take place. On the other we have the choice of destroying ourselves  before the planet does by exponential spreading of fear and wars over basic issues of power.

The choice is clear, War and all the wasted resources with combined human misery and rampant climate change affecting the planet, or a real effort in a transformational change in the way we run society with an equally transformational change in technologies and human behaviour in the use of all natures valuable resources.

The Choice is ours to take , we must make our voices heard now while time is just on our side.