Friday, 17 June 2016

ZEROCO2: Is it possible to build a zero-carbon economy?

ZEROCO2: Is it possible to build a zero-carbon economy?

Having just read this , I totally agree with you that a new model on empowering the consumers into consuming locally generated electricity and a a whole new network of re-distributive power-lines has to be set up. This not only allows for electricity to be generated and used locally , but also for the surplus to be distributed most effectively without going to the the centre first , and losing power along the way.

This priciple is at the heart of what we have to achieve globally , not only in the electrical power generation field , but in the whole approach to the economic model of the planet. It is vital that we all as consumers take the responsibility on and prepare ourselves to pay for the fundamental change necessary to achieve a fundamentally more sustainable way of living and using energy.
Money I believe is just a form of locked up energy , just waiting to be unleashed in the form of all the goods and services we all use , enjoy and consume.

To achieve ZeroCO2  we need to radically change far more than at present, all forecasts show that increasing CO2 emissions will continue until 2025 at least, maybe longer, as much of our heating and transportation needs have not even been really change as yet.What we are doing is making the new technologies far more efficient, but have done little to replace the older technologies fast enough, especially housing and  transport.

Our problem with Surplus CO2 not only rests with power generation industries but also to agriculture , forestry, and all land use, and in this area where forests have been lost not just recently , but over the past centuries , these need to be replaced and whole new swaths of forest that will indeed transform the countryside and many lives , especially hill farming .

It is with with in mind that I have been suggesting a total reformation of the tax system, by empowering the individual and also making them directly responsible for the pollution they cause, by transferring all taxes onto All Natural Resources, based upon how polluting there use is to the planet in terms of climate change but also on the destruction of ecosystems and ecology upon the earth , not just mankind.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

In or out of the EU

The EU is our partner, and has been for millenia, the barriers of trade and freedom of movement has been a relatively recent affair and has been hardened with  population growth.  whether migrant or domestic, and the lack of care by successive governments on maintaining a good level of service in all the main areas of their responsibility, being housing, education, health, and of course benefits.

It is our disproportionate distribution of taxes to these elements and more such as defence, transport, and internal security, that has plagued us in recent times. It is our fixation on maintaining a  supposed low taxation policy to attract foreign business and trade into the UK. On the one hand we are saying we want businesses and workers from abroad to increase our efficiency and keep prices low so we can the export or buy the product ourselves or to support a low cost health service. Then on the other hand we seem not prepared to spend enough on training and retraining of our own potential workforce to do the work all these others are doing on the so called cheap, so as a few of us can reap high profit margins.

This dilemma is one that has to be resolved not just in the UK but globally , as it is causing so much heartache for so many, It is in fact a continuation of the slave trade but in a different guise. This new guise of slave working in the uk as health workers , farm harvest workers, builders etc, most have the advantage of being well educated , but see that the only way to better themselves is to take the plunge and risk everything and work their socks off in the hope that one day they will have enough money to return home and build a house and support their family , or to stay hear and own a bushiness they have worked hard to build up.
This is really no different to the vast numbers we had in the 1960's from India , Pakistan, and other commonwealth countries, to run our health service and railways then.

When will we not only respect them as equals in pay and conditions but also it welcome them all with open arms and make them our real friends and co-patriots in forging a new society for all.

The one most single problem we have with migrants is that we do not understand them , we are not helping ourselves to welcome them enough and not doing enough to educate them and indeed our own citizens in training  to not only be a part of our society and friends  but also to educate for life and professional skills  to enable them and us equally to succeed in the real challenges that face us all in the near and distant future.

We are very lucky in the UK that our borders have not really changed over the millenia, and this makes us a very stable society, but as we see with Syria at present and the vast movement of populations towards Europe as a whole, we are all going to be impacted to a greater or lesser extent in the future. We are lucky also not to have experienced war  on our own soil in any real significant way , like that in Europe, The UK has a long history , and one that has not always been generous to the ones we governed   but have have understood the lessons , but it is easy to revert back to old ideas when enough has passed and old bad habits can easily return to haunt us all.

Being Married to a Dutch national, and raised my children  who now are flying the nest to explore the world themselves , and as a lot of families now have a multicultural background, it seem obscene to be trying to force a reverse policy and reintroduce such draconian measure separating our brothers and sisters apart.

If we are so hell bent of separation and division , I Just wonder how we will survive , are we going to be like Germany was in the period between the wars when then were isolated and built a whole new nation from within and only to then find they needed the rest of the world to  trade and do business with  and the had to go to war to get it! Are we really going to repeat history  with more slaves to do our work!

WE are an intelligent Nation with Brilliant ideas, but often fail in the implementation and action except when in a crisis, but there are times that even the crisis can overtake us  and with the global Village falling apart, I fear this may just be a straw to many for the  global donkey to carry, especially when we see what all the other nation s are up globally also. WE need our influence of stability and steadfastness not only to help us in the future but probably more importantly to help harmonise the rest of the world into a more long lasting and sustainable society that we can all live in harmony with each other and at one with the planet.

Panama Files show the truth, and how to change the tax system

The Panama files have revealed what many have thought was happening,but governments and tax authorities ignored and hoped they would not get involved in the consequences that are about to spring forth.

Although governments directly may not be implicated , they are very much involved in allowing such a state to occur and be maintained for so long.

It is this state of governance of the wealth of the nation that is at stake. Should remain in the hands of the few who have not earned it, but often inherited or gained by exploitation of past or present buisiness activities , such as exploitative fashion trade , or export of jobs to 3rd world countries to make use of cheap labour , and even nearer home with exploitative business such as the property market and construction trades and never to forget the land barons of past present and future that dictate the price and availability of homes for everyone.

The Panama files are just the thin edge of a very large wedge that has to be prised open and reveal the true extent of how everyone is affected by the hoarding and exploitation of wealth in all its forms.

Taxation has been the root of all evil in states being able to manipulate and control people from taking a fair share of what should be rightfully every-bodies and not just available for the landed gentry and tax avoiding corporations and the foreign investors to protect their pass me downs from Putin or the Chinese leadership.

Now surly must be the time to wake up and realise this tax system is broke and fixing a few holes may stop a bit of the problem , it certainly will do little to enable a sustainable planet to survive in the future.

Now is the time to revolutionise the whole of the taxation system from the top down and the bottom up, and indeed do away with all the  sideways fraud and evasion. Now is the time  for us all to take action to ensure the likes of this are banished for good , so the future can be guaranteed for future generations and the real problems of mass diseases and climate change along with ecosystem collapse are addressed with some of the misbegotten tax that has never been paid and collected.

The Mass movement like we saw in Iceland over the past couple of days is what is need on a global scale to get the establishment to realise and to fundamentally change the way we all behave and have respect for all the Natural Resources we consume at an ever fast rate, Along with ensuring never again will the few dictate the death of the planet  and civilization as we are presently experiencing.

The Panama files, I hope are just the beginning of opening up of all off shore financial institutions and also some of the on-shore ones also which are pretty dubious.

A real Financial and social REVOLUTION in all what we do with the way we look after the planet has to be really addressed, and with the global population expanding at an unsustainable rate , surly we need to empower each and every individual to take responsibility in their consumption habits and indeed their lifestyles, to ensure there is a future for generations to come. The old ways of taxation and the values placed on things and resources has to be fundamentally redressed so the planet and its life systems can recouporate and regenerate so that all ecosystems can flourish and not just think about man and his personal greed for more at the expense of all else.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Carbons days are numbered

Carbon  days are numbered

I believe we can given the right conditions  reduce or even stop almost all carbon emissions for energy purposes  within a 20 year time frame.

Man's ability to change the world we all live in is mind-blowing,and as can be demonstrated throughout the millenia , our chances of success are often rooted in own abilities , but by the same token it often fails due to our own greed and selfishness.

We have almost the ability to do anything we wish on this planet Earth, the only thing from stopping it is our own desires to have it for ourselves and not to share it out, but as has been demonstrated by the fossil fuel industry itself is that when a product is so abundant and needed by everyone,  that this self greed is often delayed and pushed slowly onto cooperate and shareholders greed for wanting easy pickings and having not really to work any more , but just collect the cash at the end of the day.

WE have the power to control almost everything we do, its just , do we want to?  Our hearts often say yes we want a better way , but often it requires taking a big gamble , A bit like a Brexit , there probably is no return this time , it will mean staying out if we do , but have we the full knowledge to make the break that may may leave to success or failure! We really do no know , however we are beginning to know that the worlds climate is changing fast and  can we really afford to wait till the disaster hits before making a decision?

Surely we have lots of tools in our arsenal from technical fixes of fusion reactors , thorium based nuclear through to more mundane of insulation and reuse of materials, through to economic and financial changes that will command real radical mindset changes by everyone , but has the possibility of initiating a whole new wave of innovation and thinking strategies.

The first two ideas have been worked and reworked so many times  but the economics changes to be made not for idealogical reasons but for our very own survival, is one that has not been talked or even debated , It seems its only allowed to be discussed among the few rich in the world who only want to become richer!

If we are really to bit the bullet and have any chance of success we need policies that everyone in the world can get behind and innovate in all areas, to find that missing something that will make the big difference.

At present we congratulate ourselves on reaching stable carbon emissions ,  but at a time of global recession that's easy, what is not so easy, is the massive reduction all the time whilst having a growing economy, Or have we got it all wrong?

Should the economy be growing or should it be sustaining?  Should all the other ecosystems suffer from man's greed ?  should we not relate all the problems onto the way we spend our hard earned cash. I believe we can given a fair wind , fundamentally change the way we all do things together, and still all live within a society where hard work is rewarded and damage to the environment is penalised, where science and  innovation is supported and ecosystems monitored and raised back to their former glory.

Nearly everyone in the scientific field, natural sciences, financial and economics , all agree that something has to be done, but the problem is that individuals do not want to bear any brunt of the problem, A classic example was the last financial crisis was when Ireland took all measures possible to reduce the financial liabilities  and everyone took a financial hit from cleaners to MPs  whilst The UK did nothing really and tried to spend our way out of the problem making the problem problem worse and little recovery really is deficit terms,
Ireland actually did more in real environmental terms and carbon reduction than the UK , and this example really shows the lack of a understanding of the full interrelationships between the economics and the environmental consequences of any such policies are.

No, there is no magic bullet to solve the climate or environmental problems we have , but we do have at our disposal if we choose to use it wisely is the capacity to change the emphasis we all place of the value of everything we do and consume.

Many environmentalist even suggest this in various ways  such as carbon taxes, credits bonds etc but without a wholesale fundamental change in the way we value all Natural Resources , little will really change fast enough . so we have to have a change the everyone understands clearly and without favour, and Then when we are all on the same playing pitch the may the best man win , but this time The winner is one who achieves most with the least damage to the planets resources, and hopefully with a gain of repairing some to the past damage.

With ice sheets melting faster than expected with results of wholesale drowning of cities, and storms to batter the rest, what choice do we have left?

Monday, 22 February 2016

Europe here and gone tomorrow? With no return.

Europe here and gone tomorrow? With no return.

Following on from the PM's short and to the point discussions in Europe , I have decided that is best to stay in  and play an active role within Europe , rather than coming out and  going back to Victorian times with the rich Lords and landowners reaping the benefits of the new slavery regime of the future.

I can see quite clearly why  those who vote no want to get out , and true it is a great concern on how we handle migrants and indeed how we can afford welfare and health benefits , not just for the migrants who probably will pay their dues in due course , but how we can afford to do so just by ourselves without going back to the dark ages of Victorian Britain and exploiting everyone who has not got a title in their name and family!

I see this fiasco of a referendum as  submitting to the far right who only want to drag us back to the "Good old Days", which if we really look back are a shame to our society and culture. Sovereignty is what we make it , and it has always for hundreds of years been our undoing, with wars between the royals of Europe and politicians wanting to ransack the world for their own ends.

The Referendum is not a vote to stay in. It is a vote to be completely out or out with strings attached, what vote is this? There is no choice in a Europe which is together and united, This now is a lost vision , and as we near the precipice of a Brexit , and with all the other problems in the world, Syria  new president Trump, and financial meltdown in China , it is possible that we suddenly have world retraction with building of new fences and walls around the globe, and we all will be like N Korea and isolationist.

We really do not need this, at this point in time , but as the die is cast we have no option other than voting to stay in , even with new terms and eventually try to change from within, as for a complete Brexit , there will never be a chance of returning to join in the future under any circumstances.

I thought as many did once we signed the Maastrict Treaty , we were in the EU for life and no one had the option of leaving. THis is how a family works, and when we joins the EU family it was meant for life. Just how did we get into this farce  of wanting to leave our new family I will never understand.

I for one have real family in Europe , and when I speak to them about anything of the UK and the EU , they all fail to understand the UK view of our Island mentality of we always know better and can do better, but as the world has changed beyond recognition from just a few decades ago, I just wonder how we are to survive in the choppy waters ahead , without friends to help steer a stable course.

Monday, 15 February 2016

The future of COP21 depends on economics , not politicians treaties.

The future of COP21 depends on  economics , not politicians treaties.

This is all inevitable , As I see it politicians will delay and delay  and Obama  may do more than anyone else along with China , but who gets into  the US presidency may unravel a lot in  the future.  I may be  pessimist but this only the start of a long haul of fundamental lifestyle changes that has to be implemented before any action happens on any effects on the planets climate , yet alone to mention all the other environmental disasters that are happening also which are excluded from any climate deals that politicians are worried about.

The DEAL as proposed at COP21 is  a non deal and although sets a target of 1.5 degrees C,  which we are fast approaching already, does nothing in tangible terms to reduce the effects we are all placing on the planet on a daily basis. Tackling the crisis by asking big businesses to solve it alone will not be the most economic or socially acceptable way forward, surly we need individuals through their consumption habits to change the way all businesses and governments work, and this can only be done by restructuring the whole taxation  system to reflect the damage being caused. 

As we see already self interests in terms of the major energy suppliers are already looking at new ways to perpetuate their being , and although we will need them into the future , not just as a fuel but as a plastic and chemical resource, which has been little considered to date.  Oil with all its diversified sources will be the first to change as it is dynamic and has that ability , but coal and gas owned  often  and controlled by governments will be the slowest  to change to new technologies and ways of providing a sustainable future, as we see already housing in the UK is still being built to poor standards of efficiency in terms of energy but also of longevity and of low carbon density.However there a few exceptions , but only a few and not the majority. 

The consumer is the one who has to pay the monetary price of any inaction and to me it is the monetary system that is the culprit , but also the solution and we need to fundamentally move towards a system which is directly linked with the performance of the planet in terms of  sustainability  of the planets eco systems.

Politicians have to tackle the economic crisis and the way we all pay for the planets degradation  and as in the past no big business has been held liable for their action except for a few action like BP  and Exxon , but even they have escaped paying their dues in third world countries.

Payment should not be paid by the taxpayer but the consumer who is directly consuming those goods and services , thus forcing real change of attitude and mind set change, at all levels of Natural Resource use. 

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Sales tax or a chance to make fundamental tax reform .

I note in the media this morning that  Lord lawson of Blaby is suggesting replacing corporation tax with a sales tax   and maybe further reform of the whole taxation system maybe required.

I have for several years now believed that urgent fundamental change is required  not only to make the tax system just and fair and equal to all , but to act as a catalyst for the transition from an unsustainable state in environmental and ecological terms, as the climate change debate is highlighting the necessity to act quickly on all technological  solutions to climate change , but as has been highlighted  it is the fiscal and monetary  systems that are at the core of where and how fast we adopt the right policies to avoid the unsustainable state of the planet we have at present.

As you suggest moving the direct taxes from corporation tax to a sales tax  does indeed help to sort the problem of the day, but it still leaves many loopholes that leaves the tax system as an unfair and unequal system. Tax systems of the past and to date have always ignored the abuse of all the resources that are causing the present problem , from fossil fuel extraction, abuse of land use,  and many aspects of human abuse around the globe in slavery  and exploitation at all levels by businesses but also individuals also.

A fundamental tax system of the future has to move away from funding wars, and subsidies to large corporates to make profits without paying a living wage to its employees. This must all change if we are to have a world we can all live in without fear and with a mutual equality that all humanity deserves.

I have been promoting a new tax system that would replace all existing taxes by  introducing a tax system based on taxing all Natural Resources  at source , This new tax would be collected according to the actual and potential damage all those resources cause by their use and consumption. This would indeed be a little like a sales tax  but one based on the damage to the planet all human activity has upon it, and now maybe the time we look seriously in trying to achieve a whole new taxation system that addresses the future needs of our grandchildren and the ecosystems of the planet.

This fundamental change would achieve many of the problems we are struggling to achieve , from fairness to equality but also to tackle fraud , evasion, and avoidance. The tax collected at source means that the price of all resources would rise according to its environmental damage factor  and would make the polluter pay, The cost of this tax is passed on down the chain of production , making all goods and services more expensive according to it environmental impact, The consumer would make the final choice  and would pay for the damage caused to ecosystems, The consumer is the polluter and the more they spend the bigger the polluter, but at least they would be paying a fair tax to help prevent it further damage.

I do hope you look further into the future rather than just another tinker subject to further loopholes, fundamental research and change is urgently needed, not to just solve greed of a few but help solve the planets ability to support life itself!

Money=energy= climate change

Your expenditure or salary is the same as your environmental footprint.

Yours sincerely,

David Dunn