Wednesday, 26 November 2014

RE- Geo- engineering the planet

Response to geo-engineering in the Guardian 26/11/2014 environment section

All geo-engineering as stated above all cost a lot and are slow to implement, and may not work anyhow , certainly not in the short term.
It appears to me that we , mankind , has caused the problem by over use of all of the earths and Gods own Natural Resources , It is surely not an impossible task to ensure that mankind reverses this huge abuse of the planets resources.
All these resources have been given to mankind as our "commons" that are free for all of mankind to use as they see fit , It is this anaylisis that has to be questioned and perhaps we have to rethink the whole way we all behave in natural resource use, and thereby reduce greenhouse gasses and all other pollution and eco- destruction we are so guilty of committing to the planet and all its inhabitants.
Surely we have to look to ourselves and our greedy lifestyle and fundamentally pay for the damage we do by reforming the tax system to ensure that all taxes are coupled to the pollution and damage we all do through our consumerism and pure greed for an ever better lifestyle and profligate waste we generate.
If we are to change fast , it is of the utmost importance to reform the whole economic and fiscal means of using money for the sole purpose of destroying the planet's life, including mankind.
Just, if we could change this area of spend and waste quickly then , it would not just turn around the climate crisis quickly , but also it would solve it for the future generations to come .
I believe we have to fundamentally link all natural resources with the long term survivability of the living planet , by taxing all natural resources , based on the damage and potential damage they cause to the planet, Indeed this tax should replace all existing taxes , so as to concentrate the mind on the issue involved , and would promote new ideas, methods of working , new ways to provide energy. the list is endless, as nearly all the industrial revolutions benefits have to be renewed to meet this challenge laid down to us by the planet itself.
The planet will always survive , but life upon it is up to us .....
All Global finance and personal wealth is spent on energy in some form, resulting in global warming and destruction of all ecosystems.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Moral Maze BBC Radio 4 , 5 Nov 2014

The moral purpose of Tax

I must congratulate you on your input to this programme  which i often find interesting , but  I was waiting , waiting for the real topic to be discussed on this subject, that is "the moral purpose of tax on people"?

In recent modern times tax has been used for the defence of the realm as in recent wars, and since the beginning of the century increasingly more on education, health , welfare and pensions as well as infrastructure of transport, road, rail,air and water.

The moral question I have about all this is , should we have a taxation system heavily based on the taxation of individuals and businesses , when in real terms the tax is collected, in an unfair and inequitable way, with the taxes being avoided ,evaded,  and fraudulently abused by so many individuals and corporations, not to mention if the rates themselves are fair and equitable to all within society?

Surely, we need to look at how the monies are raised in the first place and any taxes levied should be on the long term sustainability and protection of the planet for future generations, rather than feeding the frenzy of the Free Market, and ensuring that these very resources we have left on the planet are being used at an ever increasing rate  with the resulting damage to the earth's eco systems that we all equally depend on for life itself.

Are we as a civilization so greedy that we cannot see the end game  and head like lemmings to the cliff edge and indeed start falling off the edge and the remainder still keep pushing  us all over untill few are left. The rich few will no doubt try to protect themselves  behind walls and hoard for the future , but what future will be left when all the workers have been pushed over the cliff.

The morals of taxation are to tax  the damage done to the planet , The "polluter should pay", Those that use the most should pay for the privilege by paying a truer price of those goods according to the damage they do to the planet.

Taxes like VAT,duties  and the council tax are the most effective ways of collecting tax with the least avoidance.

SO to be brief I believe we need to move from all existing taxes towards a tax on all natural resources based on the damage their extraction and use causes directly to the environment, planets ecosystems and mankind.
This collected as near to source as possible will result in the reduction of fraud evasion and avoidance, and if transparently collected will be more morally and ethically acceptable.

This sort of taxation empowers the individual to be responsible for their own future  and will encourage in the long term a real sense of ownership of the planets future.This linked with reform of the health and welfare system so that the individual has to pay for their own health and benefits from a citizens wage that would be for life.

The moral purpose of taxation , is to protect , provide real security, empower and educate the individual  for a real and long term future for us all.

Thank you all for your stimulating discussions and debates , but please look to the future, for our children , and not keep looking back at what could have been.

Yours david dunn

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Response To Naomi Klein at Chicago Council

Can we get to the nitty gritty and ask how on earth are we going to change the systems fast enough. WE surly need a system that empowers the individual to do the right thing towards the planet, by just behaving in a normal way, in the way they consume and live their lives.

The change we want to move to has to be thought through and modeled and stress tested to see if it has any chance of succeeding , WE have in the UK a new supercomputer to tell us of all the effects of the pending climate change , but we fail to model the economic and fiscal aspects of what is happening and what may happen when we change anything. we spend millions on the clearing up after the disaster and fail to spend a little on preventative means to mitigate such scenarios.

To the point , we need a simple solution that involves everyone, to include businesses, public services, and all citizens   equally, fairly and equitably whilst in a transparent manner to ensure it succeeds.

A transition to where there is no tax evasion fraud and evasion  from national or international taxes and avoidance of moral and ethical regulations.

I believe this is all possible by removing all existing taxes and introducing a new NATURAL RESOURCE TAX, whereby all natural resources are taxed according to the damage they do to all the planets ecosystems by their extraction and use, to include Land and all Minerals.

All citizens would receive a citizens wage for life which would replace all current pension health and welfare payments and benefits.

Finally a death Tax to redistribute wealth from rich families, individuals and businesses to the poorer within society as a whole and reduce the overall tax burden.

The consequences cannot be foreseen , but my belief, is that by empowering the individual   to make the right choices in their consumption habits, rather than letting big corporations and governments making the choices on our behalf, this will lead to the right consumption habits being observed , especially when under the new regime the dirtier the resource or use of resource, the higher will be the price of the subsequent goods and services.

The connection between money that you spend, and the pollution you cause, will I believe be the quickest way to mobilise the world into a new lifestyle change that I think we all agree needs to occur.


Friday, 24 October 2014

Birds being desimated

Bird and all wildlife is being decimated by all aspects of modern farming , but primarily by the fact that it is so monoculture in both the crop type but also by the eradication of all pests, diseases and weed herbage which act as food and cover for the rest of the wild fauna.

Farmers should be taxed according to the damage they do to the ecosystems under their stewardship.
Loss of habitat at all levels in the countryside has occurred for years , but as the planet comes under increasing threat from global warming and climate change , we now need all the interactions that nature can provide to clean and capture all the worlds pollutants man has released into the environment at large.

This loss is not just damaging bird numbers but also will have a grave impact on farming and mans own survival in the long term.

We must act fast, not just on Carbon Emissions but also on how all Natural Resources can be made sustainable for all life to live and prosper, from insects to man , from fungi to trees, all life, and not to pick and choose.

A whole new approach to protection of life has to be addressed, it not just man's own civilization at risk . but the whole rich diversity of all life that has to protected, enhanced and made sustainable for the long term.

Water resources are being attacked also from many areas, the filtrations and cleansing of rain is being jeopardised due to tree loss and fast run-off , rather than filtering through the solid and capturing carbon as it does so. It is also being contaminated by drugs entering vis sewage and from pesticides from drainage from farmland, and also air pollution dropping out of the air onto land and into water supplies.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Corporate power and the new economy

Corporate power , as we have seen in recent years , unbridled and all powerful  with the freedom to do as they wish will have to stop.

 As we see Tesco falling from the giddy heights a few months ago and now falling headlong into an abyss which may kill it off altogether. This capitalist method of rise and fall , does only a few real favours  but but enhances mans greed for ever more power and supposed wealth.

As with the Banks are they to big to fail, what about petrol supplies, food distribution and pharmacies that so many now have become reliant on. Will the remaining retailers cope if they were to foreclose tomorrow? With something like a 20% market share , and in some localities it could be as high as 50%. what is the real fallout, Higher prices,higher taxes to pay for more redundancies and higher welfare payments , high stress levels for everyone from suppliers ,employees and customers alike, making even more work for the NHS and services that help in these situations.

All corporations should have a maximum size that they are able to become with only few exemptions when the State can become a share holder as could be the case for Energy, Utilities, Pharma and Food production and allied industries that are strategic to the national well being of the nation. This size should be determined by how much of the national market they take in their sphere of activity. This lies around the 10-20% share as has been discussed by various economists, but once struck should be strictly adhered too.
This would then enable smaller and more nimble businesses to be able to enter the field and move technology and ideas forward at a faster and more economic rate than in the past.

Large corporate entities are in themselves slow and not very nimble as we are seeing in the race to a vaccine for EBOLA, Will it be GSK or a smaller company that makes the real breakthrough, It will hover be the big boys muscle that will be the winners in the end as they will swallow any small players in one bite , and become even more bigger and powerful.

Lets hope that Ebola does not infect GSK in the process and put us all back decades in lost hopes for the future long term health of the planet!

Changes the NHS and Welfare must make protect the Nation's future

With economic pressures  placing real impacts on the NHS there appears a few solutions being proposed of which the main one that will give any real long term credence is the giving of power to the individual and empowering them to look after themselves.

This empowerment comes with responsibility and respect for others and society as a whole and as sacrifices have to be made by everyone , it should be within some bounds, especially when one sees some abusing their bodies with excess drugs and alcohol and excessive food.
Along side this transition  it is important to educate and reduce working hours so to make life less stressful, and accompanied by an overhaul of housing and open spaces to provide a sanctuary where people can exercise , play and meditate.

Town Planners are often very instrumental in allowing noisy zones alongside residential areas, housing without facilities of balconies , open spaces and gardens are all to often last minute additions rather than a fully integrated part of the plan.

Whilst traveling abroad, there are many examples of good planning and retrofit fixes of past mistakes and these ideas need to be not only shred but acted upon to make a more pleasant and satisfying place for everyone to live , not just those rich few who have the means to buy privateness, and quietness and wilderness, that we all enjoy . It is not just the rich that should enjoy these perks  but all to some extent. 

Housing and the family should always be the first priority of any government, to maintain a high level of contentment and happiness.There has been enough research on this subject to make the right decisions, However it should be linked with the responsibility of receiving a citizens wage , which would enable the individual to take real real responsibility of their own heath and wellbeing.

Without this coordinated approach by all sections of society, little will be achieved and we will fail ourselves and society as a whole and also fail to save any real cash on the budget side.

As we see already, when an epidemic, like EBOLA attacks us all, everyone hides and withdraws all medical help for any other condition also, making the situation a lot worse and could ultimately result in meltdown and all medical service withdrawn and other epidemics of malaria and typhoid could easily make a massive comeback undoing all the good work done in recent years at great vast expense.

This course of action should also run along side a reversal of climate change, which can also only be controlled by all individuals acting together with one common aim of reducing carbon use and ensuring all natural resources are sustainable for the future millenia, not just ours for now.

This part should be acted upon most urgently with the empowerment of all individuals by removing all existing taxes and replacing with a tax on all natural resources at source depending on the damage they do during extraction and final use to the ecosystems and planet ecosphere as a whole.
A healthy planet, environment and all ecosystems will result in healthy people. Respect for all Nature and all the planets resources is critical if we are to form a long lasting civilization for the future.


Monday, 6 October 2014

6/10/2014   David Dunn  on  Naomi Klein

It appears that all groups are in agreement that it will be at the grassroot level that action has to be taken , in that spirit, It follows that once the idea of climate change needs to be addressed, then what is the actual action that has to happen

No-one can accept a loss of face, as we see in many wars of past and present, so we have to be seen to treat everyone transparently in a fair equal,ethically and morally acceptable way across all divides of creed religion and culture.

We have at present a global tax system that is pretty well similar across the globe that has been developed over the past , based on past historical experiences and that the winner of war takes all. This is the premise that has to change, to one where the planet, eco systems and future  generations take precedence over our own greed for the moment.

To that end we must fundamentally reform the value of all of natures bounty and we must re-educate ourselves to the new world order of big populations and limited resources, else we will be forever where we are now with war, famine and strife.

Everyone has to take equal share of responsibility for climate change and damage to the enviroment according to their own means and lifestyle choices.

    to achieve this we must I believe

1 Remove all existing taxes

2 Replace with a NRT,  A  Natural Resource Tax, which is collected at as near to source as possible, mine head, oil well head, owner of land, at the quarry etc, and the amount determined by the potential and actual environmental damage the products are liable to cause.

3 Other issues that effect humanity but also impinge on the environment are, health, welfare, housing, and pensions, and to make everyone responsible for their own actions a citizens wage for life should be used.

4 Finally a death tax should be implemented to redistribute wealth to all citizens as needed.